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If you are facing charges for drug crimes in Waterbury, Connecticut, it is important to be proactive in fighting them. Drug charges do not just go away, but if you are smart and invest in the right defense, they do not have to turn into a conviction or a lengthy jail term. Our lawyers will fight for your freedom like it is their own and fearlessly advocate for your right to a fair trial to ensure the best possible outcome in your case. Drug possession, sale, or trafficking charges can derail your life, but they do not have to. Programs may be available for less serious offenses. A creative and ??? defense may be your best shot at defending more serious drug cases. Contact our experienced Connecticut criminal defense attorneys today to find out how we can fight the state’s charges against you. 

Drug Crimes 

There is a wide range of drug crimes that you can be charged with, from simple possession to manufacturing, trafficking, and conspiracy. These crimes carry varying levels of severity in terms of sentencing based on the substance at issue, the amount involved, and the circumstances of the arrest. Drug offenses are taken seriously in Connecticut, both in State and Federal court. Many defendants wrongly assume that if it is their first offense, they have nothing to worry about and will be shown leniency by the court. However, that is not always the case, especially when the substance in the individual’s possession was highly controlled, such as heroin, crack, or cocaine. With the prevalence of fentanyl in many drugs, these cases are being dealt with even more seriously than ever before. In fact, the first offense for possession of any of these three substances can result in a jail sentence of up to seven years and a fine of up to $50,000. That is an incredibly harsh penalty. Your freedom should not be taken lightly. Contact an attorney who will defend it fearlessly. 

Defending Against Drug Charges 

The best way to defend against your drug charges depends on the specific drug charges against you. If you are charged with possession, you can assert a strong defense if you are able to show that the drugs seized did not belong to you and that you were not aware of their presence. In cases where the possession was constructive, meaning that the drugs were not found on your person but in a common area, such as the console of a car or a shared living space in an apartment, the defense that the drugs did not belong to you will be the strongest, especially if you are able to put forth another suspect. This will create doubt with regard to the prosecution’s narrative and will increase your likelihood of being found not guilty. 

Even if the drugs were found on your person (i.e., in your actual possession), you might still be able to get the charges against you dropped if you can show that the drugs were not legally seized or that after they were seized as evidence, the evidence was mishandled. For example, if there was a procedural error made during your arrest or if the officers lacked probable cause to conduct the search that led to the seizure of the drugs, you may be able to get the charges against you dropped. If the officers did not have probable cause to conduct the search that led to the seizure of the drugs, the court must not consider any of the evidence that resulted from the tainted search unless the prosecution can show that the drugs would ultimately have been discovered without the illegal search. This is known as the fruit of the poisonous tree principle. Even if your case proceeds to court, your attorney will be able to assert the strongest possible defense based on the facts of your case in order to secure a not-guilty verdict. 

Cases Where Substance Abuse Treatment or a Diversionary Program are Available

Not all cases are ideal for a fight or a trial. Sometimes an arrest can serve as a wakeup call to a bigger problem. Treatment may be the answer rather than prosecution. We can help get you into an appropriate pretrial diversionary program or a substance abuse treatment program to help resolve the charges without a conviction.

How Our Lawyers Can Help 

Our lawyers will fight to get the charges against you dropped, reduced, or to secure a not-guilty verdict so that you will stay out of court and keep your criminal record clean. Having a drug charge on your criminal record can have life-altering effects, impacting everything from where you live to the jobs that you can get. The best way to avoid these consequences is to avoid being convicted of a drug crime. If you have already been charged, the best thing that you can do is hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer to represent you and help you overcome these drug charges and keep your life on track. Schedule a consultation with one of our experienced attorneys today to find out how they will help you overcome these charges and regain control of your life. 

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