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Dog Bites

Being bitten by a dog can be extremely traumatic—not only physically but also emotionally—and it is important that victims receive compensation for their suffering. An experienced attorney can help you understand your rights and make sure that you are properly compensated for any physical or emotional trauma caused by the dog bite.

At The Kaloidis Law Firm, LLC, we provide courageous and relentless representation to victims of dog bite incidents in Waterbury, and the surrounding areas. We have the expertise and resources to fight on behalf of injured victims until they get the compensation they deserve.

Common Dog Bite Injuries

Unfortunately, dog bite incidents can cause serious injuries that require extensive medical treatment. A victim of a dog bite incident can suffer from the following:

  • Abrasions. This type of injury is usually seen in cases where a person is dragged by a dog while they are trying to get away. The abrasion can be superficial or deep depending on the force involved and the amount of tissue affected.
  • Lacerations. Lacerations often occur when a dog bites deeply into fleshy areas such as arms or legs. Treatment for lacerations includes cleaning the wound with soap and water, applying pressure to stop bleeding, and using stitches or sutures to close the wound if necessary.
  • Infection. Infection is one of the most common complications associated with dog bite incidents because bacteria from the saliva of dogs can enter into open wounds and cause an infection that spreads throughout the body if left untreated.  
  • Punctures. Puncture wounds result from sharp objects such as teeth or claws penetrating into soft tissues such as arms or legs, causing significant damage to muscle fibers or nerve endings beneath the skin’s surface.
  • Rabies. Although rare, rabies can be transmitted through dog bites if proper precautions are not taken immediately after an incident occurs, such as washing out any wounds thoroughly with soap and water for at least 15 minutes, followed by immediate medical attention within 24 hours after being bitten by a dog.
  • Facial injuries. Facial injuries resulting from dog attacks can range from minor cuts or bruises to complex fractures and open wounds which could leave permanent scars and disfigurement. In the most severe cases, a plastic surgeon will be needed to treat and restore facial and other skin injuries.

It is critical that anyone who was bitten by a dog or any other animal consult with a medical professional right away, regardless of how serious the injuries may seem at first glance.

Dog Bite Laws in Connecticut

Connecticut recognizes common law principles that hold owners liable for their pet’s behavior if certain conditions are met. These conditions include whether or not the owner knew the animal was vicious, if they acted reasonably to control the animal, and if they were negligent in controlling it. This means that if a dog owner knew that their dog was prone to biting or had done so before, they would be held more accountable than a dog owner whose dog had never bitten anyone before.

Connecticut also recognizes what is known as “strict liability” when it comes to dog bites; this means that even if an owner has taken all reasonable steps to control their pet, they can still be held liable for any injury their animal causes. (Connecticut General Statutes § 22-357).

Anyone bitten by a dog in Connecticut has up to two years from when the bite occurred to file a lawsuit against the owner of the animal. This time limit applies regardless of whether or not criminal charges were filed against the owner.

What to Do After a Dog Bite in Waterbury, CT?

If you have been bitten by a dog, there are several steps you should take immediately following your injury. First and foremost, seek medical attention right away; even seemingly minor injuries can become more serious over time, and it is essential to document your injuries with medical professionals as soon as possible.

Additionally, make sure to get contact information from any witnesses who saw your injury happen; this will be helpful if you decide to pursue legal action later on down the line. Finally, document everything related to your injury – take pictures of your wounds and keep any paperwork related to your medical treatment so that you have proof of what happened should you need it later on down the road.

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