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Sexual Assault

Few attorneys in Connecticut have the extensive trial experience defending Sexual Assault cases that Attorney Kaloidis does. He is a proven winner in the courtroom. A warrior always ready for battle. Someone who has gained a reputation statewide among judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys as a relentless defender of those accused of sex crimes.  Many attorneys fear sexual assault charges.  The tremble at the idea of cross examining an alleged victim of sexual assault.  We have no such fear.  We have no reservations about cross examining any accuser, regardless of their age, sex, or status.  Our job is to defend our client.  And nothing, not even the most heinous allegations of sexual misconduct will deter us.  These cases require wolves, not sheep.  Choose wisely.

Keep in mind that as information and media attention related to sexual misconduct has increased, Connecticut prosecutors have become more zealous in bringing sexual assault charges. Unfortunately, innocent people have been charged with sexual assault. A misinterpretation of a defendant’s actions, a vindictive ex, or an angry child being manipulated during a custody action could lead to an unfair and unjustified criminal charges of sexual assault.  False allegations happen all the time.  They are often believed.  We are prepared to not only deal with them, but destroy them. 

It is essential to take any allegation or criminal charge involving sexual assault extremely seriously. This is no matter to take lightly.  It can and will effect the rest of your life.  You should discuss your case with a skilled attorney as soon as possible. When you hire The Kaloidis Law Firm, LLC, we will evaluate the facts of your case and help you determine the best course of action. We fight for our clients, aggressively pursuing the best outcome possible in their cases.

The Definition of Sexual Assault in Connecticut

Under the Connecticut Penal Code, there are four specific degrees of sexual assault charges. In addition to these four degrees of sexual assault charges, the law also includes factors that could aggravate a charge or constitute a separate criminal offense. The different degrees of sexual assault range in severity and have significantly different penalties.  Sexual assault laws are complex and require a skilled, experienced, and well-trained criminal defense lawyer in order to handle properly.

Anyone facing sexual assault charges with aggravated factors can face severe penalties, including lengthy jail terms and mandatory minimum sentence. Aggravating factors could include the involvement of a minor or the use of a weapon. 

Sexual Assault in the First, Second, Third, and Fourth Degrees

Charges of second and fourth-degree sexual assault involve illicit sexual contact and sexual intercourse with a victim who cannot consent due to age, physical, or mental incapacity. These charges can also involve a victim who cannot consent because of the position of authority the alleged perpetrator has over them. 

First and third-degree sexual assault charges generally involve sexual contact and intercourse predicated on the use of threat or force by the alleged perpetrator, such as rape. The sex crime defense attorneys at The Kaloidis Law Firm, LLC can explain the different types of charges and provide insight into the potential penalties you are facing. Some of these specific types of sexual assault crimes listed in the Connecticut Penal Code include the following:

  • Sexual Assault in the First degree – commonly called rape; this usually involves the use of force and carries mandatory minimum penalties
  • Sexual Assault in the Second degree –  commonly called statutory rape; this is the most common sexual assault charge as it can be committed a number of different way; it is often based on the age differences of the parties but also could be based on the position or status of the accused (teacher, coach, etc)
  • Sexual Assault in the Third degree  – sexual conduct made under the threat of force
  • Sexual Assault in the Fourth degree –  this is often touching but not intercourse or penetration

This list is not exhaustive.  For specific information and application to your case speak to one of our experienced attorneys immediately.

Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Minor

In Connecticut, the most severe type of sexual assault charge is aggravated sexual assault of a minor. This crime is recognized as a unique class A felony and is punishable by 25 to 50 years in prison. If you are facing a charge for aggravated sex of a minor, it is crucial that you discuss your case with an experienced attorney as soon as possible who will defend your right to a fair trial.

The Penalties for Sexual Assault Convictions

The penalties depend on the degree of the alleged sexual assault and any aggravating factors. Sexual assault crimes that involve penetration, such as first and second-degree assault, are punished most severely and are charged with felonies with maximum prison sentences of up to 20 years. Sexual assault in the third and fourth degrees carries less severe penalties, but are extremely serious nonetheless as they can result in jail time, permanent record, registration as a sex offender and years on stringent probation.

Build a Strong Legal Defense with a Top Sexual Assault Attorney

Have you been accused of sexual assault in Connecticut? If so, your freedom, your future and your life are at stake. You could benefit from hiring an aggressive team of attorneys who will fight for your rights throughout the process. The attorneys at The Kaloidis Law Firm, LLC work tirelessly on behalf of our clients, pursuing the best resolution for our clients’ cases. 

We understand what is at stake in these cases, including our clients’ freedom, ability to earn a living, relationships with friends, family and coworkers, and reputation in the community. As soon as we begin working for you, we will start working on the best defense for your case.  Whether it is preparing for a gruesome trial or negotiating aggressively with the prosecutor to reduce or dismiss your charges. Contact the Connecticut criminal defense attorneys at The Kaloidis Law Firm, LLC to schedule your initial case evaluation.

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